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Your best choice for trouble-free IP-WB experiments

Immunoprecipitation (IP) and co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP) assays often necessitate the use of the same antibody, or antibodies from the same host, during both the IP and western blot (WB) procedures. Denatured immunoglobulin (Ig) in the IP sample can be bound by the secondary antibody used for the WB. Thus, depending on the molecular weight of the target protein, the desired band may be partially or completely obscured on the WB image by signal from denatured heavy (-50 kDa) and/or light (-25 kDa) Ig chains.

GeneTex's EasyBlot® secondary antibodies are specifically optimized to eliminate this problem. They bind only the native (non-denatured and non-reduced) primary antibody used for WB analysis and not the denatured IP antibody chains. In addition, the specially formulated EasyBlocker reagent will greatly reduce background signal caused by free Protein A or Protein G.


EasyBlot®secondary antibodies are indispensable for achieving the cleanest results for your IP-WB experiments.





EasyBlot®: The easiest way to get the best result!

Efficiently eliminates denatured IgG masking of your target protein's signal
Suitable for WB following either IP or co-IP analysis using Protein A-, Protein G-, or Agarose-conjugated antibodies
Broad range of EasyBlot® reagents for detecting various hosts: rabbit, mouse, rat, goat or sheep
Convenient: Simple and user-friendly!
Easy to switch from regular secondary antibodies to EasyBlot® secondary antibodies
Combine with EasyBlocker to further optimize your specific signal
Significantly reduce background generated by free Protein A/G with the EasyBlocker reagent.


Significantly reduce background generated by free Protein A/G with the EasyBlocker reagent.
Significantly reduce background generated by free Protein A/G with the EasyBlocker reagent.





Eliminate Product Name Cat. No Package
Masking bands by denatured IgG EasyBlot® anti-Rabbit IgG (HRP) GTX221666-01 50μl 250μl
EasyBlot® anti-Mouse IgG (HRP) GTX221667-01
EasyBlot® anti-Rat IgG (HRP) GTX628474-01
EasyBlot® anti-Goat IgG (HRP) GTX628547-01
EasyBlot® anti-Sheep IgG (HRP) GTX628906-01
Masking bands by denatured IgG & Background from protein A/G EasyBlot® anti-Rabbit IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) GTX225856-01
EasyBlot® anti-Mouse IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) GTX225857-01
EasyBlot® anti-Rat IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) GTX228909-01
EasyBlot® anti-Goat IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) GTX228910-01
EasyBlot® anti-Sheep IgG Kit (w/ EasyBlocker) GTX228911-01
Background from protein A/G EasyBlocker GTX425858 12g 62g


Product Name Cat. No Host & Clonality Application
Rabbit IgG isotype control GTX35035 Rb pAb Control, ELISA, FACS, ICC/IF, IHC, IHC-P, IP, WB, ChIP assay
Mouse IgG isotype control GTX35009 Ms pAb ELISA, FACS, ICC/IF, IP
Mouse IgG2a isotype control [HOPC-1] GTX35019 Ms mAb ELISA, FACS, ICC/IF, IHC-Fr, IP, WB, in vitro, FLISA, in vivo
Mouse IgG3 isotype control [B10] GTX35027 Ms mAb ELISA, FACS, ICC/IF, IP, in vitro, FLISA
Goat IgG isotype control GTX35039 Gt pAb ELISA, FACS, IHC, IHC-P, IP




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