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  Brown Adipocyte Beige Adipocyte White Adipocyte
Brown Adipocyte Beige Adipocyte White Adipocyte
UCP1 UCP1-positive UCP1-positive(Upon stimulation) UCP1-negative
Mitochondria Density High Medium Low
Lipid Droplets Types Numerous Small Several Medium One Large
Function Thermogenic Thermogenic Energy Storage


Adipose tissues are the major energy storage sites in the body which plays important regulatory roles in thermodynamics and metabolism. There are several types of adipocytes with distinct morphology and physiological functions. White adipocytes hold one single large lipid droplet which stores triglycerides as the energy source. In contrast, brown adipocytes are responsible for heat production (thermogenesis). Brown adipocytes contain numerous small lipid droplets and many mitochondria with enriched expression of uncoupling protein 1 (UCP-1). Beige adipocytes are clusters of UCP1-expressing adipocytes with thermogenic capacity reside in white adipose tissues upon stimulation. GeneTex is proud to offer an outstanding selection of antibody reagents, featuring antibodies for pre-adipocytes and different types of differentiated adipocytes. Please see the highlighted antibodies below.


Highlighted Products

Pre-Adipocyte Marker
PDGF Receptor alpha antibody

PDGF Receptor alpha antibody (GTX133588)

Differentiated Adipocyte Marker
Fatty Acid Synthase antibody

Fatty Acid Synthase antibody (GTX109833)

Brown Adipocyte Marker
UCP1 antibody

UCP1 antibody 

White Adipocyte Marker
Leptin antibody

Leptin antibody





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