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Stem cells are usually defined functionally by their ability to proliferate for an extended time and to differentiate from unspecialized cells into specific cell types. In addition, stem cell populations are identified by the expression, or lack of expression, of various markers. Listed below are antibodies from GeneTex’s stem cell catalog that are valuable tools for the characterization and isolation of stem cells. The tables list representative markers for embryonic, neural, hematopoietic, and mesenchymal stem cell populations and appropriate reagents to detect these factors (1,2).


Common Stem Cell Markers

Marker Antibody
Oct4 (POU5F1) GTX627419
Nanog GTX627421
Sox2 GTX627404
SSEA-4 GTX48037
CD30 GTX01872
GATA4 GTX113194
CD133 GTX100567


Neural Stem Cell Markers

Marker Antibody
Vimentin GTX629744
NeuroD1 GTX134069
MAP2 GTX133109
Tau GTX130462
Synaptophysin GTX633972
OTX2 GTX133210
GFAP GTX108711


Hematopoietic Stem Cell Markers

Marker Antibody
CD31 GTX130274
CD34 GTX28158
FLI1 GTX112937
FLK1 GTX129943
CD4 GTX44531
CD8 GTX74773
GATA1 GTX01159


Mesenchymal Stem Cell Markers

Marker Antibody
CD73 GTX113509
CD90 / Thy1 GTX130072
CD105 GTX112685
Fibronectin GTX112794
N-Cadherin GTX127345



  1. Stem Cell Res. 2018 Jan;26:36-43.
  2. Stem Cell Information. Bethesda, MD: NIH.

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